The difference is in the details

Do you need specific renovations instead of remodeling services? You can also call on us for commercial or residential plumbing repairs, electric panel replacements or fencing installations.
When you're not ready for a full remodel, start with the smaller details. A new fence or brighter lighting might be the small detail that makes a big difference on your home. Contact us now for a free estimate.

Your Perfect Home Is Possible

Partner with a home remodeling contractor in the Hazleton, PA area

You've given your house personal touches like unique paint colors and original d├ęcor. But no matter what you do, it still doesn't feel like your ideal space. If you're tired of consulting interior design catalogues, it might be time to hire a home remodeling contractor who can reimagine your layout.

When you need a general contractor in Hazleton, PA or the surrounding areas, turn to JD Construction. We offer expert remodeling and renovation services to update your:

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Your remodeling needs are our #1 priority

If you're looking for a talented home remodeling contractor who can also oversee commercial properties, you've come to the right company. You can trust our general contractor to make your space feel brand-new because we:

  • Prioritize your happiness
  • Communicate clearly
  • Keep working until you're satisfied
Use our kitchen remodeling service to update your cabinets. Or, request a bathroom remodel to remove cracked tiles. We'll fulfill all of your needs with flexible scheduling, competitive prices and exceptional service.